Horváth A. Ügyvédi Iroda 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 48. 

Corporate law, Trade registry processes

Our office frequently provides consultancy and legal services to its clients in the fields of company establishments, -modifications, -transformations, company acquisitions, sale of companies and business share dissolution processes, especially in the following matters:

  • legal consultancy during negotiations carried out prior to the legal authority processes (including the preparation of legal due diligences, pre-agreements, letters of intent etc.);
  • legal review and drafting of financial standing/status and connected/related security agreements required for financing to be eventually obtained during company acquisitions, business share and company selling, etc, and representation of the clients at negotiations with financial institutions;
  • preparation of the necessary documents (company papers, by-laws for organizational and operational rules/internal controls, syndicate agreements etc.);
  • representation during the relevant court, and other authority processes;
  • representation during dissolution processes.