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Labour law

The creation of labour relationships suitable for the internal organization structure is a crucial condition for the operation of successful business organizations. Our office regularly provides legal consultancy – mainly to clients represented by the office – in labour law issues, and also ad hoc representations decisively in the following matters:

  • revision of internal rules and regulations/controls;
  • preparation and opining of collective agreements;
  • preparation, modification of individual labour agreements (agreements to be completed with executive employees);
  • termination of labour relationships (both unilateral and mutual);
  • preparation of documents establishing or terminating other employment relationships (assignment, enterprise);
  • preparation of employer’s information sheets;
  • preparation of employer’s, employee’s arrangements, actions;
  • handling labour law consequences of transformation, company sales and outsourcing;
  • representation (of employer or employee) in labour disputes;
  • arranging work permits for foreign employees.