Horváth A. Ügyvédi Iroda 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 48. 

Litigations, out-of-court proceedings

Upon legal disputes we aim – by fully representing our clients’ interest – to arrange such situations by mutual agreement of the parties. We handle these agreements with high priority even if a dispute is already in a court process state. The attorney representing the Client in a court case has full knowledge of the substantive law connected to the particular case.
Our office represents its client at Hungarian and international courts in various administrative, economic, civil and criminal law cases, typically in the following processes:

  • civil lawsuits;
  • payment warrant processes;
  • arbitration proceedings;
  • bill suits;
  • registration proceedings of company establishments, modifications;
  • bankruptcy and liquidation processes;
  • execution proceedings;
  • election processes;
  • conciliation proceedings.