Horváth A. Ügyvédi Iroda 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 48. 

Commercial law

In the field of commercial law, it is the needs/demands of our clients that determine our activities and gained experience. Our services cover the following domains of real estate developments, services-, and building industry:

  • full legal due diligence of companies, projects;
  • preparation of transfer, donation, sale and purchase contracts other related documents; representation in the occurring administrative processes;
  • in the course of project financing preparation and finalization of facility agreement and security agreements;
  • framing case maps of investment agreements; preparation and finalization of letters of intent and contracts;
  • preliminary legal services concerning urban development agreements; proceeding for the purpose of executing contracts connected to organizational plans;
  • preparation and finalization of contracts, project agreements to be concluded with constructors, planners, consultants, other contractors, and third parties;
  • drafting of entrepreneur, building and repair work contracts;
  • working out leasing, financial leasing facilities, preparation of connected agreements;
  • handling claims;
  • management of factoring transactions,
  • enforcement of claims for compensation raising from breach of contract;
  • drafting general contractual conditions; analysing applicability of certain provisions – with special consideration to the unfair contractual conditions;
  • constant legal assistance within the organization of the client for securing the completion of the particular transactions (both vertically and horizontally).