Horváth A. Ügyvédi Iroda 1137 Budapest, Pozsonyi út 48. 
Since its establishment, our office provides a comprehensive and wide range of legal services to our clients. The main activities of the office cover the fields of commercial and civil law, including representation in court proceedings – at civil law, labor law court and court of arbitration. Furthermore, we also represent clients in criminal law proceedings ,mainly in economic and traffic cases.

We are convinced that our clients – as participants of the business world – require not only information on the provisions of the effective legal regulations, but also flexible and commercially minded legal consultancy. Our target is to provide high quality legal services and to offer creative solutions to our clients’ cases. Our extended practice and long term, permanent assignments are partly due to our process of finding practical, prompt, reliable and cost-effective methods to solve our clients’ problems.
We have diverse/extensive experience on all fields of real estate law. During our – ad hoc and permanent – assignments we represent Hungarian and foreign clients, from minor transactions to real estate developments with significant value; furthermore, we have and also achieved long term assignments with clients involved in numerous business branches, such as real estate, transportation, technology, comestibles/ food processing, insurance or advertising.

According to the philosophy of our office (It is our office’s philosophy that) throughout the rendering of legal services the costs of legal advising and the economic-legal target of the client must be counterweighted, thus we provide high level services at competitive prices/fees.